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At Language Hub we run courses foreign language courses in Nottingham: French, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish

For French and Spanish courses in Leicester and Derby please click here: Courses in Leicester and Derby

We run short courses lasting ten weeks with one 90-minute lesson per week. Our courses are lively and interactive with a real emphasis on verbal communication in the language. All our teachers are very experienced. Lessons contain a lot of speaking practice with role-play, pair work and class discussions.

We offer courses at six levels from beginner to advanced:
Beginner (A0); elementary (A1); pre-intermediate (A2); intermediate (B1); upper-intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1).

On completing a course, you can continue to the next level. This way you can progress through the levels.

Small Class Size – Maximum 8 students per class

All materials provided – Students receive a folder containing all the materials at the beginning of the course.

New courses begin in January, February, March, May, June, September, October and November.

What happens if you miss a lesson?

We realise that our students lead busy lives and might not be able to attend all ten lessons of a course.

If you ever miss a lesson, your teacher will send you an email to let you know what was taught and any homework that was set. That way you will be able to catch up by looking at the course materials covered in that lesson.

What are the advantages of a small class size?

In a smaller class fewer students means that each one gets attention from the teacher, and they are encouraged to take part. Students learn more in small classes and they also learn faster. And this means the class progresses through the course material more quickly.

Small groups mean fewer voices and that means the students have more chances to speak in class and practice the language they are learning. They can apply the knowledge they’ve acquired as they participate in speaking exercises.

Teachers can cater to students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what is being taught.

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